• FREE shipping on all orders over $45!

  • FREE shipping on all orders over $45!

  • FREE shipping on all orders over $45!

  • FREE shipping on all orders over $45!

  • FREE shipping on all orders over $45!

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With age, signs of fatigue, wrinkles, irregularities, dilated pores, dull complexion can become more visible. At SVR, we welcome these changes with products adapted to your needs.  We developed effective and quick solutions for each of your skin problems: 5 concentrates for visible results in 7 days, and an Essence that shows visible results in less that 15 minutes. Can be easily added to all your skin care routines!
Labo SVR US - [A] Smoothing ConcentrateLabo SVR US - [A] Smoothing Concentrate

[A] Smoothing Concentrate

Highly concentrated 7 day retexturing retinol serum for sensitive skin. Reduces the appearance of fine lines
Labo SVR US - [B3] Repairing ConcentrateLabo SVR US - [B3] Repairing Concentrate

[B3] Repairing Concentrate

Serum for dehydrated skin. Visibly plumps and reduces the appearance of fine lines.
Labo SVR US - [C] Radiance ConcentrateLabo SVR US - [C] Radiance Concentrate

[C] Radiance Concentrate

A serum highly concentrated in vitamin C and designed for sensitive skin, to give all skin types a radiant glow and brightened complexion!
Labo SVR US - Relax Eye ConcentrateLabo SVR US - Relax Eye Concentrate

Relax Eye Concentrate

Reviving eye concentrate for a visibly smoother eye area
Labo SVR US - Refresh Eye ConcentrateLabo SVR US - Refresh Eye Concentrate

Refresh Eye Concentrate

Smoothing toning eye concentrate
Labo SVR US - [B3] Hydra Essence

[B3] Hydra Essence

2% vitamin B3 (niacinamide) + hyaluronic acid repairing and hydrating gel lotion for sensitive, tight + dehydrated skin and wrinkles.
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