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  • FREE shipping on all orders over $45!

  • FREE shipping on all orders over $45!

  • FREE shipping on all orders over $45!

  • FREE shipping on all orders over $45!

Aging Well with the right ingredients in your cosmetics

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Skin changes as the years pass, that's undeniable. At 30, 40, and 50, signs of its evolution become apparent. It loses some of its radiance, dries out, and wrinkles and spots appear. Inevitable? Not entirely. It depends on a good understanding of your skin, recognizing the warning signs, and knowing which are the right active ingredients, those that can prevent and counter these changes.

Vitamins, anti-aging stars:

To delve deeper into this topic, Pauline Hauchecorne, our Director of Scientific Communication and Medical Visits, explains which active ingredients to use based on specific needs.

Which Active Ingredient for Each Sign of Skin Aging?

Dehydration: The skin's barrier function is impaired, making the skin more permeable. Water evaporation increases, known as insensible water loss (IWL), and the skin becomes dehydrated.

Dry and Rough Skin: Hydration is poor, and consequently, the skin's barrier function is impaired.

Dull Complexion: Repeated exposure to UV rays from the sun, pollution, or an unhealthy lifestyle (stress, smoking, alcohol...) produce oxidizing free radicals that damage skin cells. Additionally, cell renewal slows down, dead cells accumulate on the epidermis' surface, and the complexion becomes dull.

Wrinkles and Fine Lines: Dehydration lines, expression lines, or aging wrinkles, wrinkles are one of the first visible signs of skin aging, mainly on the face.

Loss of Density, Skin Laxity: With time and hormonal changes, the synthesis of essential skin components slows down: hyaluronic acid and collagen, key molecules of the skin's support tissue, become scarce. The skin's architecture weakens, loses density, slackens, and becomes less resistant.

Loss of Elasticity and Firmness: Over time, collagen and elastin production in the dermis slows down, leading to a reduction in substances that make the skin elastic, especially elastin.

Pigment Spots: With age, melanin, the pigment responsible for skin color, accumulates, especially on areas frequently exposed to the sun (face, back of hands, décolleté). During sun exposure, pigmentation disorders appear as brown spots.

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