• FREE shipping on all orders over $45!

  • FREE shipping on all orders over $45!

  • FREE shipping on all orders over $45!

  • FREE shipping on all orders over $45!

  • FREE shipping on all orders over $45!

Care for your Skin while reducing your impact on the planet

At SVR, we are aware that we have a significant responsibility as manufacturers towards our consumers and the planet: offering the best skincare while minimizing our impact on the planet as much as possible. Innovating for human health, but also preserving the planet and its resources is key for SVR. That's why, for years, we have placed corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues at the heart of our decisions, both strategic and operational, and we are committed to being more responsible through comprehensive initiatives. 

Sustainable manufacturing 


The SVR teams are trained to design products that are effective, safe, and as respectful as possible of our commitments:

In terms of sourcing, this involves choosing responsible raw materials and ingredients, recyclable and recycled materials, and reducing the weight of packaging. It also extends to the formulation process, where we minimize the number of ingredients and consider our energy consumption during manufacturing.

For the selection of our packaging, we use an environmental impact assessment tool for our packaging: SPICE, developed by and for the cosmetic industry and supervised by Quantis, an expert firm in Life Cycle Assessment.

Through the Ecovadis platform, we have developed a strategy for the responsible procurement of our raw materials and packaging.

We have established a strict formulation charter in collaboration with dermatologists, allergists, and toxicologists. Every material used in our products undergoes rigorous scrutiny to validate its safety. Our commitment to endocrine disruptors for over 5 years allows us to refine this selection and create formulas guaranteed to have no harmful effects on major endocrine mechanisms. Beyond human health, this charter also incorporates criteria for respecting marine and terrestrial environments, including biodegradability.

A board of scientific experts, dermatologists, and allergists accompanies us in creating new products, conducting tests, and clinical studies. A dedicated team of endocrine disruption experts helps us define our formulation charters and validate our testing protocols. Additionally, collaboration with patient associations such as the French Eczema Association, France Psoriasis Association, and Belle et Bien Association allows us to better address skin conditions and meet the needs of those affected.

What do eco-designed products mean concretely? 

🌊 The Cleansing Oil Bottle Made from 100% PET recycled plastic collected by Waste Free Oceans

🧴 The Tube with integrated Ultra-thin cap, -51% plastic compared to a similar-sized tube, on Topialyse cream and set to be implemented across many of our tubes.

♻️ The integration of 25% recycled PET In all our bottles. Also, reducing the plastic in the collars of our tubes and introducing recycled PET.


The Hydraliane Range was completely redesigned with reduced plastic packaging, usable down to the last drop, 100% recyclable, and a formula made from 100% natural and eco-sourced ingredients.

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